Certified HP Genuine Replacement Parts – Quality Assured

Inspect Visually

Certified HP Genuine Replacement Parts are components that have been tested by HP or an authorized parts supplier.

HP applies rigorous compatibility testing, revision updates and quality management to every part that flows through our extensive Support Supply Chain. This ensures protection of the HP Brand and means customers can be assured of part integrity and quality control.

  1. The "OK" and "✔" move in OPPOSITE directions when the box is tilted front to back
  2. The "OK" and "✔" move in the SAME direction when the box is tilted right to left

Report Counterfeit

If you have any concern about the authenticity of your HP replacement part or LLC, please scan the code. We also encourage you to report any suspected counterfeit activity. To do this, please click on the red “Report Counterfeit” button below. This will take you to HP’s counterfeit reporting form.

Please help us to ensure that only genuine HP replacement parts and LLCs are being sold under the HP brand. You can do this by scanning these HP labels to ensure their validity and reporting any suspicious labels to HP.